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The Victory of Having a Great Fan

I measure my small literary victories by the single fans who write to me or mention one of my books in their blogs. If someone takes the time to single me out and say something about my books it's either very good or highly critical. Truth is I learn something from both and read each one. But there is one highly responsible reviewer who has read Man of Honor and God's Banker. She is Aimee Ann, aka The Red Headed Book Lover. A few weeks ago she reviewed Man of Honor. To say she enjoyed the book is an understatement. Her review was what every author wishes for. Insightful, thoughtful comments on the plot, the characters, the research. But just last week she reviewed God's Banker. Wow! Another 5-star review from Aimee Ann. Even better that she's now recommending the entire Enforcement Division series to her followers. I'm so thankful to be able to do this job and to meet the thoughtful book reviewers like Aimee Ann.

Enjoy the day,


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