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"A wonderfully uplifting, feel-good beach read."

What happens when someone who never, ever gives up enters a world where surrender is the only way to survive?

It would have been far worse but for BARBARA ANNE SOLARZ, the only teacher at Atlantic High in Jacksonville, who decided she would fight if the unthinkable ever happened. It did.

Not everyone in Jacksonville considers Solarz a hero. Among them is BRIAN DUCKSHEDD—Duval County District Attorney. He puts her on trial for her actions that day. She could have killed Caleb.

While her case awaits trial Solarz is pressured into becoming the Panthers interim baseball coach. Her gold medal resume notwithstanding, this is not on Solarz’s agenda. Still, it seems she knows how to breathe life back into a ball club of eighteen at risk, ethnically diverse teens.

How do you stop the unstoppable? What if the unstoppable is the most modern jet liner under control of a terrorist state? Malburg's characters answer the call with seconds to spare.

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