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Buried within the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is Unit 61398—the cyber warfare unit. Li Yong prepared his entire life for its command. He believed this was the ultimate honor. Then America’s airliners plunged from the sky. There is no honor in being a mass murderer. How do you right the most terrible wrong? How do you prevent the State from slaughtering your entire family if you fail? How do you stop the unstoppable?

Helen Schilling and husband, former FBI agent Jackson, are no strangers to global terrorism. Together they must stop this new enemy. But who is the real adversary here? As in Hunt For Red October, Li Yong desperately searches for a way to prevent these seemingly unstoppable disasters. Helen and Jack offer him a most unconventional solution as the launch clock winds down.

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How do you stop the unstoppable? What if the unstoppable is the most modern jet liner under control of a terrorist state? Malburg's characters answer the call with seconds to spare.



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