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Along with his fictional thrillers and business books, Chris Malburg is a popular magazine contributor. Here are some of the publications Chris writes for along with a list of his most recent articles.

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Why I Bought It Despite The Strap And Buckle


April 18, 2020, Quill and Pad Magazine.  After a week on the wrist, Chris Malburg had some issues with Grand Seiko’s Blue Snowflake Spring Drive. Even so, he pulled the trigger. Chris explains how he fixed these issues and why it just might deserve a place in your collection too at Why I Bought It.


Perpetual Calendars: What they do and what most don't


March 25, 2020, Quill and Pad Magazine.  We know that it’s leap year because 2020 is evenly divisible by four. Those lucky enough to have a watch with a perpetual or an annual calendar are in good shape. The rest of us are on the outside looking into this complicated piece of horological technology. Find out more at Perpetuals.


Grand Seiko Blue Snowflake Reference SBGA407: On The Wrist


March 15, 2020, Quill and Pad Magazine.  Grand Seiko’s Blue Snowflake Spring Drive has pushed the venerable Japanese watchmaker to the top of Chris Malburg's horology charts. After spending considerable time with this timepiece, Chris relates the Snowflake’s triumphs and reveals its shortcomings. See GS Blue Snowflake.


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Worldtimer vs. GMT: Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Chronograph WT vs. IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Spitfire


January 2, 2020, Quill and Pad Magazine.  Do you need to know the time in various time zones? What is the real difference between a worldtimer and a GMT watch? How complicated are these watches to use? Chris Malburg answers these questions and more after spending some quality time with two enchanting multi-time zone watches.  See World Timer vs. GMT


Bell & Ross BR 05 For A Week On The Wrist: How It Measures Up


October 15, 2019, Quill and Pad Magazine.  Bell & Ross turns its aviation watch “DNA” toward the urban man. Chris Malburg spent a week with the new BR 05 with gray dial in stainless steel and has a lot to say about this everyday city-dweller’s timepiece. See BR05 A Week On The Wrist.


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How The Watch Industry Is Testing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


August 5, 2019, Quill and Pad Magazine.  Blockchain may have its place; cryptocurrency remains a subject for debate. One thing is for sure: the watch industry is testing the marketability and benefits of both. Chris Malburg explains how each provides both risk and reward to five industry players. See Bitcoin.


Accidents Happen:  Inside The Horological Emergency Room At Bovet


July 12, 2019, Quill and Pad Magazine.  Accidents happen. Even to extraordinarily valuable timepieces. How are these catastrophes put back into working condition? What’s the time and the cost involved? Chris Malburg takes us into the emergency room of a world-class manufacturer to answer these questions and more. See Accidents Happen.


Bremont Martin-Baker Timepieces: Eject, Eject, Eject


September 11, 2019, Quill and Pad Magazine.  What does it feel like to eject from a jet fighter? Imagine yourself motoring down the autobahn in a convertible doing 600 miles per hour. Now stand up. Chris Malburg talks with owners of Bremont’s most exclusive timepiece – the MB1 – and their jet fighter ejection experiences qualifying them to wear this one-of-a-kind watch. See Eject, Eject, Eject.


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For Peace Of Mind, Get A watch Safe


June 27, 2019, Quill and Pad Magazine.  Watch safes can be as expensive as the treasures they protect. What’s available? How will they look in your home or office? How much actual protection do they afford? And just how expensive are the world’s top watch safes? Chris Malburg takes a deep dive into the world of high-tech safes. See Watch Safes


Yes, You Must Pay Duties And Taxes On Your Personal Watches When Traveling, But Here’s How To Avoid The Worst


May 17, 2019, Quill and Pad Magazine.  As the summer travel season approaches, many of us will leave home for vacations in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States, or China. Coincidentally each of these destinations happens to be among the world’s top watch producers. What to do about those pesky import duties and VAT as they relate to timepieces? Being well informed and educated is the best defense against avoiding fines, penalties, and embarrassment in these countries. See Customs Duties


Watch Customization: The Top Of The Pyramid


April 5, 2019, Quill and Pad Magazine. To the “right” person and for the “right” price anything can be customized – whiskey, cars, shampoo, and, of course, timepieces. Read how the industry treats the high-end of the watch customization spectrum. Learn of the three uber-exclusive brands that work in the stratosphere of the customization price range revealing what it takes to get the job done. See Top Of The Pyramid.


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Give People The Watch They Want


January 21, 2019, Quill and Pad Magazine. Watch design and modern manufacturing technologies have finally morphed imagination into reality: customizing your own watch is here. Not only has this capability allowed watch connoisseurs an outlet for their horological tastes, it has also breathed new life into several manufacturers and created some new competitors in the customization arena. See how watch customization works.


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The Ups And Downs Of Syndicating A Super Yacht


August 16, 2018, Super Yacht Magazine. If you’ve thought of entering a syndicate versus owning a yacht outright, here’s what you need to know. it’s not just the money. Statistically, owners on average use most super yachts just five weeks a year. The rest of the time they’re undergoing maintenance or just floating dockside patiently waiting for their owners to show up. So why not syndicate ownership and spread the cost around? After all, as some syndicators say, a super yacht is just a hole in the water that you pour money into. I’d add, the bigger the yacht, the bigger the hole. Find out just how big a hole at Syndicating A Super Yacht.

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Timekeeping In A 5G World: Coordinated Universal Time Blown Away By Ultra-Precision Time On Tap


December 10, 2018, Quill and Pad Magazine. New 5G cellular wireless technology will soon transfer data – including the correct time – 50 times faster than existing 4G services. 5G also enables constant internet connection. These two innovations alone are revolutionizing timing precision. Coordinated Universal Time – widespread as it now is – will pale in comparison to the accuracy possible from new timing sources.

See what this means to the world of timekeeping .


Tutima M2 Pioneer In Bora Bora, Tahiti: An Aqua-Terrestrial Review (Somebody Had To Do It!)


September 28, 2018, Quill and Pad Magazine. While on Bora Bora I subjected the M2 to all there is to do on this idyllic island. I snorkeled its crystalline lagoon, I dived its beautiful reef, kayaked all over, did stand-up paddle boarding for the first time, windsurfed, kite surfed (10/10 on the difficulty scale), sailed, and took it to dinner on the beach. The M2 baked in the brilliant sunshine right along with me. It went for hours on end caked in salt water and sand. Here’s what I discovered about the M2 Pioneer.


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A Visit To Four Seasons Bora Bora


September 14, 2018, Luxury Travel Magazine. Many vacationers around the world are flush with cash right now. Even if they’re not among the Forbes 400, they want a nice place to relax. French Polynesia is the front-runner on everyone’s list and the Four Seasons Resort on Bora Bora is the gold standard for service and pampering. Find out what makes this super resort the cognescenti's favorite at 4 Seasons Bora Bora.

10 Steps to Make Your Luxury Yacht Charter Unforgettable


July 20, 2018, Super Yacht Magazine. Go ahead. Step from reality into nirvana where everything is exactly how you want it. Isn’t that the way chartering a yacht should be? Not always. Sometimes your dream vacation can turn into an expensive nightmare. Find out how to avoid the Super Yacht Nightmare.

The Real Story Behind Steve McQueen's Heuer Monaco


June 26, 2018, Quill & Pad. Much has been written about this storied watch. Most of it, guesswork. Now hear the true story of what happened to the famous watch used on the Le Mans film set straight from the property master who was responsible at McQueen's Monaco.

Why I Bought It: Rolex Sky-Dweller


May 27, 2018, Quill & Pad. Without a doubt the hottest watch on the market right now is the Rolex Sky-Dweller in steel with a blue face. After a year on order, I got it. Find out why this watch is such a game changer for the collectors who covet it so at Why I Bought The Steel Sky-Dweller.

Shopping The Airports For A Luxury Watch: Customs, Duties, and Discounts Explained


May 17, 2018, Quill & Pad. Some people understand the benefits, limitations, and mechanics of duty-free shopping for a luxury watch at an airport: they know a deal when they see one. Here's how they do it at the latest luxury watch venues you've probably never heard of at Shopping the Airports.

Hammer Time: Expert Advice For Selling Your Watch At Auction


May 1, 2018, Quill & Pad. Ever wondered who are the people choosing to sell their precious watches for millions? What about the auctioneers who conduct the sale? Find out about these extraordinary personalities and how you might participate in a highly publicized watch auction at Hammer Time.

The Tool Watch Revolution: Utilitarian Goes Upmarket


April 6, 2018, Quill & Pad. Why are some of the world's top watch manufacturers repurposing their tool watch lines into some of the most coveted luxury timepieces? Read The Tool Watch Revolution

Why Richemont Suddenly Acquired YNAP


January 22, 2018, Quill & Pad. Find out what one writer thinks is the reasoning behind Richemont Chair, Johann Rupert's acquisition of YNAP and what it means to how fine timepieces will be bought in the future. Read Richemont Acquires YNAP

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Happy Wife, Happy Life: What Women Want (in a Watch)


December 2017, Quill & Pad. How to identify and select the watch your wife or girlfriend will love. Eight steps to success. Read Happy Wife, Happy Life

Confessions of a Serial Replica Watch Buyer


August 2017, A Blog To Watch. Why do some people purchase fake watches when they can well afford the real thing? Find out in this investigative article at Confessions

Why People Buy Watches

November 2017, Quill & Pad Magazine. People buy everything – from toasters to cars and, of course, timepieces – for every kind of reason. In this article I consult with three of the savviest watch retailers I know to help explain the behavior patterns of customers considering a watch purchase. Find out why people buy particular kinds of watches at Why People Buy Watches


What Will the Future Hold For Wrist Watches?

How many years before we even start to recognize what the most popular timekeeping devices over the last 70 years were? Another 20 years? Forty? Who will use timekeepers? And for what purposes? What will they look like? I posed these questions to top watch industry professionals, including Larry Pettinelli, U.S. president of Patek Philippe, who has some ideas on how to interest younger enthusiasts in a brand that has competed in this market for 178 years and intends on competing in it for the next 178. Find out what the future holds for watches at Future Watch


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