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Why Are eBooks So Inexpensive?

The proven price sweet spot for eBooks is $2.99. That's the happy intersection of peak demand and profitability. A higher price reduces demand. A lower price will increase demand but not enough to offset the profit reduction.

Even so, we've temporarily reduced the price of Man of Honor by 1/3 for the next few days. It's not about the money. If I were writing for the money I'd be in the wrong business. I want you to take a look at Man of Honor. You'll be rewarded with a fast-paced suspenseful read that's a friendly, immersive travel companion. Should you purchase the book at this special discount price of just $1.99, I hope you'll review it. Reviews are what send books up Amazon's list. Reviews are life's blood to us authors. This discount is my way of thanking you, my readers for spending a few hours with me, allowing me the privilege of telling you a story, and having you review it on Amazon. Please take advantage of this discount price while it lasts. Thank you.  --Chris 

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