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What's Every Writer's Fantasy?

A favorable book review. Check that. Not just favorable. But one that's embarrassingly over the top. Book reviews are the life's blood for authors. I'm no exception. Today I was notified that one of the best thriller reviewers, reviewed #ManofHonorMalburg. I wasn't quite sure what I'd find in her review--did she like it or did she hate it? Here's what she wrote:

Man of Honor is an intense terrorism thriller that follows a formidable duo on their journey to stop evil and destruction. Man of Honor is the type of story I love to read; I love stories that shock as well as thrill me and Man of Honor will most certainly do this for you thanks to its terrorism plot and action-packed moments that will have the reader feeling as if their heart is in their mouth. If you are a reader who, like me adore being taken on a shocking but captivating adventure, then Man of Honor is for you. I would implore all readers who love action adventure novels as well as espionage/terrorism stories to read this book as it is one of the best political thrillers I have ever read!

Man of Honor is a multi-layered book with many compelling plot avenues but at the heart of the story is an ex CIA agent called Jackson Shilling and his equally brilliant wife, Helen Kaito. Jackson and Helen will be tasked with a troubling case of cyber terrorism which involves the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The description of the book courtesy of the author Chris Malburg alludes to this and Malburg goes on to explain that Li Yong is the man who is commanding the Chinese unit who want war. Will Li Yong and his unit succeed? Will Li Yong be able to keep his family and homeland safe? Read the phenomenal Man of Honor to find out!

The plot of Man of Honor is dense with many plot avenues, scenarios and characters but never once will these factors become too much for the reader. I was surprised by how perfectly weaved together every element was, I thought that maybe the descriptive text combined with the ever-expanding story would make it a difficult read but Chris Malburg is a talented author who ensured this never happens. Instead, Malburg ensures that his readers are captivated and compelled to read from beginning to end thanks to his inclusion of dramatic plot twists and turns and heart-stopping moments.

Chris Malburg is a newly discovered author of mine; however, I wish I had found his work sooner because his literature is the type of work I adore. Malburg writes his story in a descriptive, fluid and captivating way, he ensures that the reader is entertained because he is invested in the reader’s experience and so he always manages to keep them shocked, enthralled and amazed. Malburg is a talented author, all you have to do is read his author bio on Amazon to know this as well as how accomplished he is. However, I am clearly not the only one who thinks his work is brilliant thanks to Man of Honor being book four in Enforcement Division series. A brief look at the comments on his reviews expresses that readers want more and so this shows that not only I believe Malburg is a gifted writer who knows how to write a stellar book.

Man of Honor is book four in the Enforcement Division series courtesy of Chris Malburg, however, I believe that readers can easily read and love Man of Honor without having read the previous three books. I have not read the previous three books and I was able to immerse myself quickly in the story without issue, however, I do warn you book lovers that you will be so entertained and captivated by the story in this book that you will wish to read the previous three… I know I am already planning to!

Man of Honor is a dramatic terrorism thriller that has all the perfect components of a great story; elements such as breath-taking moments, enigmatic characters, a stellar plot and lastly, flawless writing. Because Man of Honor weaves all of these themes flawlessly together I have no choice but to award this fantastic book five stars! If you are a reader who might be interested in the story but is debating whether to read it, then please take my advice and give the book a chance as it is quite simply exceptional!

Whew! You don't get that kind of review every day. Thanks to Aimee at Red Head.

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