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The Day Before Publishing Day

Publishing Day T - 1. This is the calm before whatever is going to happen, happens. It is the day every author takes a breath and wonders if all the facts are right, the grammar is correct, the characters are believable, and if the books' action actually will move readers. Tomorrow Man of Honor goes on sale. The paperback and the e-Book at any rate. Audible is still working on the audio book. Its release will be in mid-January. The months-long pre-order period is almost over. The virtual book tour is entering its second week. Websites were all updated long ago. What have we forgotten?

Already some reviews from advance copies of the book are coming in. People are so very kind at this point. The market seems ripe for an international thriller featuring cyber warfare with intelligent co-leads--one a very strong woman.

Man of Honor was truly a labor of love. I learned so much from the discipline of aircraft accident investigation at #USC's School of Engineering and from my classmates who hailed from the #NTSB, #FAA, #CIA, #FBI, all branches of the military, as well as most major airlines. The thing that came home to me very soon in this endeavor was that I would not have been a very good aircraft accident investigator. But I do write a hell of a good description of what these dedicated professionals do and how they do it. Throw in a maniacal terrorist State bent on US destruction and we have the makings of a thriller.

Looking forward to tomorrow's book release and have now moved on to the next project, Barbara Anne's Slider.


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