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Slider: Chapter 3, Bonds That Grow

In keeping with the continued demand by my readers for the first few chapters of Slider being dripped every week, here's Chapter 3.

I've received many notes about the idea of releasing chapters. Most all are very nice. Some say they're hooked and can't wait for the next chapter, so they used the link and went to Amazon to buy the book--it's only $2.99 for the e-book version.

We also hired the actor who will be reading Slider for the audio book that will be released next month on Audible. Last night I heard the first 15 minutes of his performance as a check point. I must say how impressed I am with KC Wayman. Of course I had a few suggestions. I should be getting back the re-do tonight to see if my ideas helped or that I should keep my mouth shut and leave the performance to the pros.

I hope you enjoy Chapter 3 attached and linked. Any comments you have, just send them to me at and visit our website at .

Best wishes,


Slider Chapter 3 Bonds That Grow
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