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No, You Didn’t Miss the Whole Point of the Book

Now that #Slider has been on the market for a few weeks, I’m starting to get notes from my readers and fans. Some ask what’s the point of the book? One reader took me to task at the very end of the book for what he thought was miscomputing the fine levied against #Dickhead by the judge. Wonderful comments. Great insight.

Other readers want assurance that they got it right, then proceed to tell me what “right” is.

Here’s my message: Every reader gets what they want out of any book they graciously take the time to read. The takeaway depends on who they are and their life experiences. Who am I to say they got it wrong? I’m just the author who brought the characters to the page, then set them in motion.

If readers take the time to think about #BarbaraAnnSolarz, #Bernie, and the rest of the #Panthers cast and take their valuable time to write me a note or review the book, then I’m thrilled and have done my job. All the better if #Slider marinates in readers’ heads for a while—as it seems to be doing—then causes them to comment.

If you really want to know, the message I got from writing the book was first that any adversity no matter how awful can be overcome. And second, that America’s heroes should be honored and rewarded, not torn down and prosecuted by those seeking to further their own petty agendas. The way I constructed this message was through an absolutely horrible tragedy. Then I sat back and watched as #BarbaraAnnSolarz, #Bernie, and #BillLama took over and pulled eighteen teens from grief’s iron grip.

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