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New Legs For an Old Pirate

My first young adult novel, A Pirate's Time Served, hit the shelves in 2014. It did well. Then, like all books, fell off the charts as those who wanted to read it, did. However, it has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to a wonderful book review by The Red Headed Book Lover blog. Their review in part reads: The story of A Pirate’s Time Served is one that will keep readers guessing from the start because the whole book is shrouded in so much mystery. The adventure and the journey that unfolds is one that young adults and adults will adore, no matter your age because every reader can appreciate a great story that is full of action and adventure.

How nice. To continue this new-found popularity, we've reduced the eBook price over 60% (to just $1.99) for a limited time. If you like a good ghost story swirling around long dead pirates protecting their buried treasure all set on a beautiful Caribbean island, this one is for you. Click here for the discounted price. And please don't forget to review the book. That's what drives popularity on Amazon.


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