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Journalism Is No Place For The Thin-skinned

My latest cyber thriller, #Man of Honor, was just released yesterday. The reviews are coming in and being processed by Amazon. So far so good. I cannot, however, say the same about an article I wrote for #Quill & Pad Magazine that also broke yesterday. My piece, Happy Wife; Happy Life: What Women Really Want (in a watch) seems to have struck some people in a way I could not have anticipated. The following paragraph seems to be what got several reader's panties in a twiddle (and they didn't even sign their full name, unlike us writers):

"A woman’s watch is an intensely personal possession that will be with her for a long time. Think of it as having the enduring qualities of her wedding ring. Many women have multiple wedding rings. So too they may have several fine watches. "

Quill & Pad is an international publication targeted at sophisticated readers and watch collectors. I can assure you that many women do indeed have multiple wedding rings over a long marriage. Fingers swell, arthritis reshapes knuckles, tastes and styles change, the desire for larger diamonds or different stones comes and goes. All are reasons that many women around the world happily have multiple wedding rings. The ring is just a symbol, an asset to many. The vows standing behind it are enduring, but that's not what these people are complaining about. They seem to want their woman to have a single wedding ring. I just don't see the point whether it's one or more, what difference does it make?


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