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How To Market A New Book On Amazon

Book marketing is usually every author's worst nightmare. It is mine. We'd much rather be writing than telling the world how great our latest work is. However, Amazon Publishing has made the effort so much easier. The other day I discovered that they made Slider the Kindle Deal of The Day. I'm also told they're now promoting the book on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and number of other platforms. Thanks to Amazon, my book is gaining traction in the marketplace.

Apart from the revenue (nice, but not the reason most authors publish) I hope my readers just have a good time with the story. Slider begins with 18 teens in the worst possible situation and follows their epiphany as it evolves through a miraculous baseball season that changes their lives. If you're one of my readers I hope that you'll return to Slider's Amazon page and give the book whatever review you think it deserves. Reviews are the lifeblood of any book and Slider is no different.

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