USS Iowa Engine Room

To all you mechanical engineers, this may be the next thing to heaven. The #USSIowa --one of America's 4 battleships--is permanently docked in San Pedro and is now a museum. A few weeks ago we opened private tours of the engineering spaces: Fire solutions computer room, fire room, engine room, medical, flag officer's staterooms, and the Combat Engagement Center. It's a fascinating look into the lives of the 2800 young men who lived, worked, an fought aboard this historic arti

Poking the Bear

With today's ballistic missile launch by North Korea it seems to me Kim Jong-un continues poking the bear. That would be the US, South Korea and Japan. Couple that with yesterday's 50-foot danger close fly-by of a Russian jet. The times are testing America's resolve. Both actions are provocative and dangerous. We're a tolerant and patient nation. However, there's coming a time where our liberties we prize and our rights as well as our citizens' and allies' security we will ma